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Newsflash!  Newsflash!

Official Blue Knights tartan gets its first outing;


The big debut has happened! The Scotland 1 Blue Knights Tartan went on display officially for the first time on Saturday 4th February, 2006, at England 8's Burns Supper in Leicester.

Kilts; Tartan Trews, and even a ladies stole for formal ladies wear.


left to right

Ian 'Dug' Thomson (Dir. Sco 1); Al 'Fatal' Goold (Pres. Sco I); Dougie
'Shug' Thomson (V.P. Sco I); Christine Fulton (UKCOPS); Alan 'Gunner' Morris
(Pres. Eng 8 ); Bill 'Ol Bill' Dempster (Dir. Sco 1).




As you can see, it goes with Blue vests, Black Vests, and can be worn with full formal attire or casually.

Get yours via tartansales@bkscotland1.co.uk.

Congratulations to Al Goold and his team for the production of such a magnificent tartan.  Get your orders in folks!

Webmaster's Note:  The above photographs are Copyright © Blue Knights Scotland 1 and are reproduced here with the chapter's kind permission.




Newsflash!  Newsflash!


Leicestershire Burns Supper.

England VIII, Leicestershire & Rutland, held their second Burns Supper at Leicestershire HQ on Saturday 20th January, 2007.  The event was fully booked and, yet again, proved to be a huge success.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the organisers £400 was donated to UK COPS by the Blue Knights, with a further £150 being donated by Leicestershire Constabulary.

Congratulations to Alan Morris, President England VIII, his wife Jill, and all the members of England VIII who helped to make this a truly memorable event.





















And somehow this one made it into Police Review!


The evening was such a success that, by popular demand, it will be held again next year.  Make a note in your diaries now!  Saturday 26th January, 2008 - be there!

For more pictures of the event, and to see more of UK COPS, visit them here;


Webmaster's Note:  The above photographs are Copyright © UK COPS, and are reproduced here with the organisation's kind permission.



Newsflash!  Newsflash!

Germany XX comes to England III.

Felix Roth, a detective from Hanover, and a founder member of Blue Knights Germany XX, came to visit England III for a few days.  Felix stayed with England III's Vice President Jim Gardiner, in Durham.






Newsflash!  Newsflash!

Walworth 2008 to be the LAST EVER Blue Knights rally at Walworth Castle!

The England III committee regret to announce that, due to a vast price increase for Walworth 2009, we must declare that we are unable to continue hosting our annual rally at this venue.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and it does NOT mean there will not be an England III rally in 2009, merely that we are now working all-out to try and source another venue.  Details will be published as soon as information is available.

In the meantime, please make sure you book for this LAST EVER Walworth Rally:-


Walworth 2008.



Newsflash!  Newsflash!

England III are delighted to support the following cause;


Request from Ian “Tommo” Thomson, Blue Knights Scotland I;

Tommo from Scotland 1 here to pass on some news!!!   I was wondering if you could be good enough to send this email on to the members of your chapters. I reeeeeeeeeeeeally need your support!!

I have decided to complete a wee journey for charity that I hope will be worthy of encouraging people to give a donation. On Saturday 20th June 2009 I intend to ride from Landsend, England (the most southerly point of Britain) to John O’Groats, Scotland (the most northerly point!) within a day! That’s leaving at 0001hrs on the 20th June and hopefully arriving before 2359hrs the same day!!! However, I have decided to do the trip on my wee 125 Vespa scooter, (as featured at the Scottish Rally of 2008) which will see me in the saddle for at least 21hrs riding time with only 3 hrs left for breaks and fuel stops!!!

I know it sounds absolutely mad, but I have been inspired by my son Craig who’s had a bit of a tough time recently.

My wee boy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was a huge shock to us as a family. In short our old life ended and a totally new one began. Now every day we have a worry over Craig’s health, where Hypos saw him collapse and where “Hypers” led to the odd stay in hospital. Everyday Craig now has to weigh his food on scales and calculate his carb intake, where everything he takes to eat is calculated and off set against his blood readings, his exercise and his 5 or 6 injections he takes through out the day. This has had a huge impact on all of us, but there are a couple of things that keep us going.

Firstly is the determination of my son, who despite the regular hypos, finger-pricks, injections and hospital stays he demonstrates a resolve and determination which is hero like. I don’t say that lightly, as that’s what he has been, a total inspiration. As well as Craig’s attitude, the second key factor that has allowed me and my wife to cope is the support from Diabetes UK. They have provided us with information and advice at times when desperation fear and worry appeared to take over our thoughts. They have been truly remarkable, and an essential service to families and diabetes sufferers alike. This run will coincide with the final day of Diabetes Week, a week of events all over Britain to highlight the many issues that affect sufferers and those who care for them.

I know it’s a big task, but well if my boy can suffer daily, I guess it’s worth the pain to help him and others who rely on the support of Diabetes UK!!

In addition, I have arranged for some of the money I raise to go to Riders for Health. Riders have agreed to use the money I raise to buy a motorbike, which they will paint in Blue knights colours before deploying it to deepest Africa where it will be used by trained locals to deliver Doctors services and life saving medicines to Villages and difficult to reach people. This will directly result in lives being saved, men, women and children, all being saved by a local hero on a Blue Knights bike!! I think this is truly fantastic and a fitting tribute to our fantastic club. A bike shop in Galashields in Scotland, BCG Bikes have already promised to give me £700 if I can raise another £700 for Riders, a truly awesomely kind gesture, and one that I will be forever grateful.

All I ask is that you have a look at my two websites, which I have set up. One is for Diabetes UK and the other is for Riders.  If you can, please make a donation to one (eh, or both?!?).  No matter how small, any kind gesture will be hugely appreciated, and will be another step closer to me reaching my target. The sites are worth looking at even if it’s just to see how ridiculous someone can look in an open face helmet, kilt and scooter!!! The sites are:

www.justgiving.com/tommothomson and www.justgiving.com/tommothomson2

More importantly, I would plead with you to forward my email to all your friends and family and encourage them to do the same, as the more people who get involved the better.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. One more thing, I forgot to mention, the involvement of Scotland Chapters of the Blue Knights will be well represented, as I will of course be wearing the official Blue knights Tartan for the journey!!!! Well a Scotsman’s not a Scotsman without his Kilt!!

All the best to you and yours and as a good friend of mine once said “May your Lums lang reek!!!” (Never did know what he was talking about!)








Newsflash!  Newsflash!


Eulogy on Fil “Tommo” Tomaszewski, England VIII – March 2010.


Stop, biker friends! My story's brief,
And truth I shall relate, man;
I tell nae common tale o' grief,
For Tommo was a great man.

If thou a noble soldier art,
That passest by this grave, man;
There slumbers here a gallant heart,
For Tommo was a brave man.

If thou on men, their works and ways,
Canst throw uncommon light, man;
Here lies wha weel had won thy praise,
For Tommo was a bright man.

If thou, at Friendship's sacred ca',
Wad life itself resign, man:
Thy sympathetic tear maun fa',
For Tommo was a kind man.

If thou hast wit, and fun, and fire,
And ne'er guid wine did fear, man;
This was thy comrade, dam, and sire,
For Tommo was a dear man.

If thou art staunch, without a stain,
Like Knights in noble Blue, man;
This was a kinsman o' thy ain,
For Tommo was a true man.

To Janet, Zoe, and Rosie too,
As in your grief we share, man;
This tribute from the Knights in Blue,
Your Tommo was a rare man.

But now, his radiant course is run,
And Tommo's, it was bright man!
His soul was like the glorious sun,
A matchless, Heavenly light, man!

Rejoice Blue Knights, from far and wide,
For when our days are done, man;
We all will surely Ride With Pride,

Wi’ Tommo in Heaven One, man!


Ride With Pride my Friend - Jim G, England III.



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